Higher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy

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Higher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy
Many higher institutions have a statement of philosophies of their own derived from their pioneer or parent institutions or organizations (Higgins & Leonora, 2009). The Catholic University of America School of Nursing has its pioneer group that is the Catholic Church. Therefore, every value, virtue, norm, composition and beliefs are all originated from the Catholic Church and are thus modified to fit its environment and existence of the school. As a result, every philosophy and statements made are always in line with the Catholic University policies and the school is based in science and much education related to nursing.
Themes from the School’s Statement of Philosophy Loyalty
The School of Nursing conducts its operations and activities in agreement with the Christian values in the Catholic Church. This is evident from their Statement of Philosophy beliefs as they believe in some Christian values much insisted by the Catholic Church such as exercising justice, having respect and maintaining one’s dignity in the nursing field and care (statement of philosophy, 2014). This shows that they are loyal to their pioneer institution which is the Catholic Church.
The School of Nursing also believes in providing students with enough education, knowledge, skills and enough experience so as to make them more competent in the nursing field and caring (statement of philosophy, 2014). It
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