Higher Education For Immigrants Essay

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Allowing for immigrants to be able to obtain a higher education would benefit not only themselves, but the people of America as well. There are many students who wish to obtain a more desirable education, but are not able to succeed because they are not a natural born citizen. When asked “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus responded with the parable of the Good Samaritan, a foreigner who treated a badly beaten man as the foreigner would have wished to be treated (Luke 10:25-37)” (Wellman). Our nation is filled with an extensive amount of immigrants who are devoted to make it in life and without them being able to speak English in this country, they are being blocked from following their dreams. The “American Dream” is the ideal that every U.S citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity…show more content…
Ms. Woodson, the director of English-as-a-second language and bilingual programs for students said “We are finding a much greater need for mental-health support for these students” (Hing). This is not morally impartial. These children and youths are suffering because their country can not offer the education that these students need in order to have a prosperous life. They have an opportunity to be capable to go to America and to get an education but they still face peculiar barriers. Many immigrants usually encounter definitive problems with medical prescriptions and medication because since it is in English, they could interpret it incorrectly and they could end up harming themselves (Internationals). This a factor of why it is imperative that immigrants are inclined the right to be able to obtain a higher education. These immigrants have a desire to be able to go to school and learn about the world and our society. They also need to be able to communicate with other citizens in the United States of America. Education is an essential resource that any human should be entitled
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