Higher Education For International Students

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Higher education in the UK has probably become one of the most popular choices for international students. The study devoted into the experiences of the international students report that the phenomenon of culture shock as a part of challenges could be troubling them (UKCISA, 2008). Whereas, the students who come from developing countries responded that the higher education in the UK would extend work field as well as the effect of social cognition (Mazzarol and Soutar, 2002). Hence, it will be discussed in this essay whether opportunities outweigh the challenges by analyzing the phenomenon, reasons and drawing the conclusion. 2.0The opportunities for international students In the UK, a pluralistic country, there is diversified culture promoting to the cultural communication. “Over 60% of the survey respondents reported their agreement that the UK was a tolerant society, with more than on in 10 (12%) indicating strong agreement. ”(Schweisfurth and Gu, 2009) Not only possibly could it broaden horizons of the international students, but also improve their learning skills. 2.1Broaden horizons through multicultural society Multicultural means including multiple people who have varying manners and faiths (Cambridge dictionaries online). In 2004, UKCOSA did a survey was reported that over 50% of respondents looked forward to getting more opportunities to experience the culture in UK (UKCOSA, 2004). Firstly, studying in a multicultural country like the UK is an excellent chance
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