Higher Education : Is It Worth It?

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Higher Education – Is It Worth It? Everyone always says that college is what you’re supposed to do after graduating; College has become an “expected” part of life. Everyone always says that you’re degree or “academic qualifications” is what will lead you on the road of success and help you achieve your goals. However, is it actually putting you on the road to success? Are your academic qualifications indeed important to your chances of a successful career? I think so. I find that a higher education will bring you closer to the successful path you want to be on in life. A degree will not only bring in extra pay for you, but will also raise your chances of employment as well as make you more marketable to an employer as well. According to an article written by Beckie Supiano, “Over their careers, full-time, full-year workers whose highest degree is a bachelor 's make 74 percent more, on average, than those whose highest attainment is a high-school diploma, the authors found. When those with more than a bachelor 's degree are included, the premium for higher education rises to 84 percent.” (Supiano 2014) Agreeing with this statement is a similar claim in an article written by Michelle Arrouas, stating that “Among the key findings are that people aged 25-32 with a bachelor 's degree or more have a median annual income of $45,000 and lower unemployment (3.8%), while high school graduates only make $28,000 and 12.2% of them are unemployed. The study also showed that just
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