Higher Education Is The Foundation For Critical Thinking.Critical

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Higher education is the foundation for critical thinking. Critical thinking leads students into making important goals so that they can achieve them successfully. With higher education allowing students to be successful, it creates a great pattern on how students learn more effectively. Students are now learning how to use different types of trends as a support system that gives them a higher level with the way he or she thinks. Higher education has a special commitment with critical thinking, which helps create a better design and outlook of instruction. Instructors have recognized that critical manner leads to great teaching. “Faculty in a long range professional development program come to recognize explicitly that critical…show more content…
Students develop better this way. Improving education is on the list here in the United States. We cannot improve education until the problems are recognized. Once the main problems are recognized, I believe the change can successfully happen. One of the main things we need to recognize is, “the problems plaguing our schools are rooted in the way our society is organized” (Pezone & Singer, n.d, para.3). Society is playing a big role with some of the problems that higher education is facing. The economy that we live in is known to be very competitive. Now day’s schools teach students how to be competitive in ways. It also has a way in leaving several students uneducated. Students do not work very hard to learn little. Educating students needs to improve so that students can complete their program with success and encouragement. Another problem is, the cost of college is becoming more expensive each day.
Students struggle with debt due to student loans. I think that if college became more affordable, it would create more traffic. Student aid policies are known to be a complete disaster. Pell grants are nice and all, but several grant users do not last in school. Instead they go just for the money and turn their back on school. This happens more than we know. “The Education Department does not publish that statistic, no doubt because it is politically embarrassing” (CCStaff, n.d., para.11).
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