Higher Education: Pursuit of Degrees

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Higher Education: The Pursuit for Degrees Pursuing a degree is more valuable than not. My employer without warning decided to end pay raises and step increases for its employees. The impact was so crucial for me that it caused me to evaluate my situation and decide what was best for me to do in order to support my family. While speaking with a co-worker and very close friend of mine, she suggested I enroll in college to earn a degree that would allow me to make more money since at the time I did not have one. I reviewed the advantages and disadvantages and chose a community college to earn an associate degree in the field of business I was currently in. I earned the degree and applied for a position posted with higher pay and got the job. Many of the concepts explored in the text relate to my situation. Particularly, the interpersonal relationship concept of what my friend and I have. Had it not been for our relationship I may never have chosen to pursue higher education. The possibility of success myth is illustrative of my pursuit to earn a bachelor’s degree. The continued quest of higher education is relative of the value of challenge mentioned. My co-worker also influenced me to purse earning my bachelor degree from Central Michigan University because she graduated from CMU and this instance is illustrative of the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Petty & Cacioppo. Ethos is identified through my perception of co-worker and the message. Pursuing a degree
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