Higher Education: To Go or Not To Go?

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College is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. For most, the decision is deciding where to go. For some, however, the decision if they should go. David, a high school friend of mine, decided to not go to college. Fortunately, he had been working for a local lighting company, and had enough knowledge and skill to pursue a lighting career in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, David works in freelance, operating the lighting for shows in Nashville and for small tours. His views on college and his mother's reaction to his decision have altered my views on the subject. According to The Fiscal Times, an online news site, only only 56% of people who enroll in college end up graduating (Lewis). By debunking the myth that someone…show more content…
Or, in David's case, find a company that is willing to teach you what you want to learn. Any of these options are viable substitutes for college. As an added bonus, all of these options are costless, and some will even pay! As shown by the following graph, about half of the fastest growing jobs and the jobs with the most openings do not require any level of higher education. In America, it comes as a shock when a high school graduate chooses not to go to college. We assume that after high school comes college, and those who don't go to college are often looked down upon. The last, and possibly largest myth that must be debunked is that college is for everyone. When everyone goes to college, colleges lose their credibility (Wood). When colleges first began, they were only for the smartest students. The others usually followed in the trade of their parents. In fact, in China this is still the case. Colleges have become known for a high quality education. However, a high quality education doesn't just take a good school; it also takes a good student. Today, both good and bad students go to college. Some people just aren't meant to go to college, because they're not good students, while others are underprepared. Many high schools are failing to properly prepare their students for higher education. When these types of people go to college, universities begin changing in order to cater more to the
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