Higher Education for Military Personnel

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Education has always been a huge benefit for military personnel. Not only too further one’s career, but for those that wish to seek employment after their time in service. Now employers look more favorable toward both the experience that men and women get from the service and to include the education they receive during or after their enlistment. Mostly due to the fact that they are driven to always do better for themselves and their career. They also have the discipline and respect to adapt to whatever the future may bring.
In the state of Ohio there are close to 400 colleges and universities, but among them are only 96 schools that are considered veteran friendly. Within those schools they just do the bear minimum in support for these men and women; where as other schools go above and beyond to aid those. So what are some of these schools doing to support some of our nations finest men and women? What within the northwest Ohio region should veterans be looking for when selecting a college?
To really absorb the difference of a university that is considered veteran friendly and those that are not, future students need not look no further then that of their surrounding area: Owens Community College, Bowling Green University, Toledo University, and Franklin University. These are some of the top rated schools for veterans that provide programs where other schools are lacking.
All four of these schools are part of the Service-members Opportunity Colleges (SOC). This was
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