Higher Education in the 21st Century Essays

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Chomnapas C. (Amp) Outline some of the main issues facing higher education in the 21st century. To what extent is higher education an effective means of both obtaining employment and learning the basic prerequisite skills for global workplace? Since educational level has been essential in global society, there is an increase of higher education’s demands in labour markets. These are affecting both new graduates and existing workers who are looking for jobs. In addition, various companies today require a lot of skilled people to work in their companies. Interestingly, the unemployment situation is still occurring, even though the high educational requirement in the global work place is high. This essay highlights three main problems.…show more content…
A further problem is the number of graduates is exceeding which do not match with the quantity of position in labour market. This situation leads to unemployed effects. As Li et al (2008) argued, the number of new graduated people with higher education qualifications expanded dramatically but the number of position in the labour market is not enough for them and would face unemployment. However, the consequences are not only affect higher education graduates but also affect lower education graduates and current workers who need to find new jobs. If the numbers of positions are not enough for higher education people, then it also not enough for someone who has a secondary school diploma or lower. When we compare the opportunity to get job between higher and lower educated graduates, it can be seen that chance for people without tertiary level qualifications will be less than higher educated graduates and they will be unemployed. In case of the current workers who need to find a new job are also affected by this situation. It can be concluded that the higher level in education is not an assurance for people to get a job. Lastly, the purpose of higher education is unclear. The attitudes of students are changing; they are less interested in higher education and skills, which are provided by the universities. Evidence of this is many
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