Higher Opportunity Cost

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Which spouse, generally, has the higher opportunity cost of staying home to take care of children? Why or Why not?
Men would have the higher opportunity cost of staying home to take care of children. This is due to the fact that men on average tend to make more money in general than women. Higher opportunity cost reflects the loss of a potential financial gain, the loss of financial gain would be roughly a 17% loss or 17 cents on the dollar. Of course, there are circumstances where this opportunity cost can vary, however, generally speaking if men make more money than women they are able to provide more financial stability than a woman in the workforce.

How might higher market wages for men influence husbands’ and wives’ decisions to enter the job market?
It seems that men would be more willing to enter the job market as the reward would be higher than if a woman were to enter the job
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It seems that more men would be likely to study in fields that continue to remain dominated by men such as engineering, sciences, mathematics, and business. According to this article from the Telegraph, "A new study from recruitment website found 97,681 women in the UK applied for engineering roles in 2014 – compared to 753,263 men. It shows a gap of 87 per cent between the genders - a tiny drop from 2013, which saw a gap of 88 per cent between male and female applicants" (Sanghani). These statistics are specifically referring to the gender gap within engineering in the UK, however, more stats can be found regarding degrees in sciences, mathematics, and business degrees internationally as well. This could likely be due to the fact that women aren't as encouraged to pursue these types of positions as they aren't rewarded with wage equality. Women may be encourage to enter into fields pertaining to humanities or arts where they will earn less money in
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