Essay on Higher Security at College Football Games

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College football is a major part of many peoples' lives, especially here in the South. Whether we or someone we know is an alumni, we plan to go there in the future we think the uniforms are cute, or whatever reason, we always have one favorite team we cheer for. sometimes fans of a team will wear a shirt with the team's logo and that is as far as their loyalty goes. Others may attend a few games a season, but there are also those die hard fans that never miss a game or always tailgating, screaming at the refs, and have the team's fight song as their ringtone. While all that may seem a little overboard, there are people believe it or not, who take their team devotion as far as killing to show their devotion to their favorite team. Having…show more content…
A huge part of going to college football games is tailgating. People always enjoy the fellowship, food, and for some, alcohol before watching the game. Colleges could raise the cost of the tailgating spots slightly and make a huge amount of money. Raising the cost of a tailgating spot is yet another way just a small amount from everyone adds up to make a huge difference for the school.

The football teams already have several companies sponsoring them, but finding more companies to give money to the football programs would not be difficult at all. Sponsoring the team helps a company's business and if spectators know their safety from tighter security was paid for by a certain company, their business would increase even more. Once the idea is proposed to companies, gaining more sponsors, and therefore more money for security, would be a breeze.

I personally love going to games. I always have so much fun, but I have also seen fans be entirely too competitive. It is a scary feeling not knowing if something were to happen or even worse, if something did happen, would there be security to help before myself or someone else gets hurt. I speak not only for myself, but for all the other football fans like me when I say having tighter security on campus during a game would lift a heavy burden off of our shoulders and make us feel a whole lot safer. Paying for the extra security would be no problem, either with an
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