Higher Skill For The Next Level

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Higher Skill for The Next Level Looking at my background as a student from Indonesia writing and knowing that English is not my first language makes me unconfident about myself, and I had a problem mainly in structuring my sentence and grammar. When I first came to De Anza I did not have any confidence about my writing, and after I took the placement test I was placed in EWRT 211 and I took it this summer. The first day I came to the class, I felt so frightened that I could not do well in the essays and could not catch up with other students because of the fast pace in summer session. However, after I took EWRT 211 with Prof. Mary Diehl and as I wrote couple of essays I become more confident about myself as a writer. After working in each essay I got assigned on, and learning about how to be a better writer, and I am feeling positive and very confident going to EWRT 1A. In my first out-of-class essay ”What is So Important About Appearance?”, I learned many new skills that I 've never learned before. The most helpful thing that I learned from this essay is about comma splices. Before knowing what a comma splice is I made silly mistakes such as forgetting to use the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). For example "most people do not really care about what we are wearing, maybe some people do care". In this sentence I should use one of the FANBOYS "and" after the comma. However, after doing some reading and rewrites now I have the ability to avoid comma splices. For
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