Higher Temperatures Vs. Species In Freshwater Environments

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Higher Temperatures vs. Species in Freshwater Environments Global warming is a current issue that is only becoming grater as time pases. With global warming becoming a larger concern, habitats and their species are now slowly on the decline. This rise in higher temperatures can/will lead to the increase of extreme unexpected weather patterns in various regions (Anup Shah, 1998). This climate change will have the greatest threat to all the diverse range of species here on earth. Freshwater ecosystems are currently home to a diverse range of species, however with higher temperatures the survival of these species is at risk. These higher temperatures will affect water chemistry, preferred living temperatures, and water levels.

Higher temperatures are also a concern because of their effect on water chemistry. Water chemistry is the rate of chemical reactions increasing during higher temperature, which in turn
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Fish, insects, phytoplankton, and zooplankton are all examples of water species that survive in favored temperature ranges. These species have adapted to the water weather condition so well that, if the temperature gets too above or too below their preferred range, they will slowly begin to decrease in numbers, until they are in extinction or until there are completely none left of the species. The extinction of these species will only create a ripple effect up the food chain, causing extinction of other freshwater species. Plankton is one of the most rich life forms, the food it produces makes up the base layer of the global food chain (Helen, 2015). The decrease of phytoplankton can lead to extinction of many other species. Less plankton makes for less food for fish and so
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