Highschool And High School

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Everyone has to get through high school in order to go on to college or getting a job. I have experienced four years of highschool so I have gained a lot of knowledge of what it takes to graduate. Before I can tell you about my goals after graduation, it starts at the beginning of high school. When becoming a freshman and starting high school there are many things to focus on. One important thing is to be involved on as many school activities as possible. When you are in many activities you get to see different people and have a better outlook on what the activities requirements and objectives are to be involved in one takes. The next thing to think about is to make as many true friends as possible. When you are in junior high all your friends were mostly with you. But, when you get to highschool many of your friends make other friends and are too busy with other activities. So you need to find some friends that have some similar interests that you have. Put yourself out there so people notice you without showing off or putting people down. One other thing you have to think about is relationships during high school. My advice to you is to wait because it is not worth it to be on a relationship since you might be likely to not getting your homework done. The only reason you would be able to have a relationship is if you can multitask different activities and classes. With relationships come distractions and sometimes that can affect how well you do on class work or
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