Highspring Colonial American Colonies

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Highspring is the newest colony in the Colonial America region. The land the colony was founded on is rich with resources and raw materials. This opens up lots of opportunities for trade with other colonies and countries, and also jobs and trades for her citizen. Highspring is located in an area where to its north is a large lake, which with the other lakes in the region looks like “fingers,” and also a long river to its south. Its climate is suitable to farming, and iron ore is abundant in the lands. People can easily be employed as farmers to work the farmland, fishers to fish in the lake and river, sailors to transport resources through the water routes, and also miners and factory workers to collect and refine the iron ore. Also, lumberjacks can create lumber mills and organize extra wood that would prove to be imperative as a resource for both building housing structures and water vessels. As you can see, the rich lands upon where Highspring has been settled on opens up so much opportunities to its citizens!…show more content…
Requisitioning and repurposing excessive and unneeded resources, she can use the Highspring river to travel and transport such trade goods into other colonies, where in exchange we can receive luxury resources and other goods. Highspring will mainly trade with Georgia, a Southern Colony, and her sister Middle Colonies. We also plan to participate in the Triangular Trade with His Majesty of England, by providing them with our raw materials and goods for
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