Highway Asset Management : Highway Management

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Highway Asset Management plays a pivotal role in any major economy as without a well maintained and managed infrastructure dsfsdfsdfsdfsdf The practice of Highway Asset Management enables the authority to manage their network in a manner that allows monitoring of the asset throughout its lifecycle with a plans in place of whe Currently in the UK, the economic climate is placing additional pressures on highway authorities to increase efficiency within their capital and operational spends. With limited resource, more efficient and sustainable methods of working are required to enable the same outputs to be delivered. The Highway Assest Management Infrastructure Guidance docucment (DfT, 2013) offers the following interpretation of highway asset management: “A systematic approach to meeting the strategic need for the management and maintenance of highway infrastructure assets through long term planning and optimal allocation of resources in order to manage risk and meet the performance requirements of the authority in the most efficient and sustainable manner.” (DfT, 2013) 1.2 Recycled Material in Asphalt The above description of highway asset management mentions a number of key themes including optimal allocation of resoruces, efficiency and sustainability. These are crucial elements to ensure adequate management of a highway network. It has been suggested that using high recycled content asphalt mixes can play a large role in reducing costs and environmental impacts of
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