Highway Construction Projects : Multi Faceted Projects Essay

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Abstract Highway construction projects are multi-faceted projects that require a great deal of planning and preparation in order to ensure the costs are low and the schedule duration is short as possible. Shortening the construction schedule can save money, but it can also assure that the company will not be penalized in the form of liquidated damages for exceeding the agreed upon finish date. In West Virginia, the Department of Highways will typically assess a $2,000 per day penalty for exceeding the contract time. In many cases the size and location of the project will dictate the level of planning effort that is required. There are a variety of scenarios that can be encountered. Major urban areas such as New York City require a great deal of traffic control and have many maintenance of traffic restrictions, however, working in remote locations such as a national forest do not require as much traffic oversight, but may require an extensive assessment of environmental impacts that require multiple government agencies and a substantial permitting process. These are only two examples, but both will require a substantial amount of planning and preparation to ensure that the project runs smoothly. In order to warrant a successful construction project, the contractor needs to have an open communication channel with the client. The Department of Transportation that the contractor is working for will know the process that needs to be followed and the various government agencies
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