Highway Maintenance Worker Essay

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The career I chose is Highway maintenance worker. I chose this job because I am good at working with my hands and getting involved. As well as I can operate big semi trucks and machinery that that job requires me to use. Thus I would be able to advance through ranks quickly. This career wasn’t needed until the year 1925 when the first transcontinental highway was made, state route 30. In 1921 Bureau of Public Roads was authorized to fund for the building of highways, by the Federal Highway Act.
With being employed as a Highway Maintenance worker you have to be able to drive trucks to the work sites that are carrying the equipment. Together with, drive trucks or vehicles that remove snow from roadways. Set construction signs and cones
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You are responsible for the health and safety of the drivers of vehicles on the highways.
Depending on your skills and experience your salary can fluctuate from 16,000 to 67,000 dollars a year. Highway maintenance workers get health insurance, workers' compensation, and paid vacations and holidays for benefits, they also belong to a union. You have to be flexible to being able to get to any highway that gets damaged; you may be on call to emergency highway accidents.
Highway maintenance workers can advance to other road repair occupations. With additional training, they can become paving machine operators. They may also become bulldozer, grader, or other heavy equipment operators. The job of a highway maintenance worker is projected to increase by ten percent.
To qualify for the job you need to be in above average body condition to work, so you can carry equipment and perform the jobs right. As for education you need to be 18 years or older, have high school diploma or GED, and on the job training. On the job training includes learning to operate the trucks and cranes and other equipment.
If I get this job I will be able to advance to higher road working positions. The advantages of the job of a highway maintenance worker are that you get to work outdoors and the job will get you physically fit. The disadvantages of the job are that it is hard labor and you have a high risk of danger.
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