Hijacked Decision Making

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Tobacco and alcohol are substances that take the human out of the decision making process and cause unimaginable problems because all inhibitions are left in favor of the animalistic tendencies . All actions are a result of input from the conscious mind that represents a person as his very basic form. The conscious mind can be defined as the collective intelligence that chooses a course of action based on the benefits to the elements of the body as a whole. When a person decides to take part in anything that alters the judgment of this control panel, mainly drugs and alcohol, the choices he makes are no longer his own. Any change, be it miniscule or monumental, has an incredible effect on the conscience and may "prevent the solution …show more content…
Raskolnikov was Raskolnikov when “he was lying on the sofa in his living room, deliberating … whether he ought to live in Petersburg … whether he ought to accept money from his mother” (Tolstoy 64). The moment he begins to think about the murder, Raskolnikov slips into a machine-like mindset where killing is a perfectly reasonable option to an unfavorable situation. No longer bound by what he believes to be right and wrong, Raskolnikov is able to commit this horrible action without any internal objections. It is for this very suspension of inhibitions that people turn to alcohol and tobacco. These conscience altering substances allow for these people to make decisions of which they themselves would not approve without any repercussions. Tolstoy is correct in his statements about the alterations of the mind. Any substance that takes away the mind's ability to make sound, informed decisions has a significant impact on the person during the time that he is trying to operate under the control of a different brain. The best way to take control of a person is to attack the very innermost part. In this case, the innermost part is also the most vital, where any impact on the conscience has an effect on every single

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