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Nursing Theory Assignment: Hildegard Peplau’s Theory Ana Hernandez California State University, Dominguez Hills School of Nursing BSN 302-98 Lorna B. Diaz, MSN, BSN, RN The Mother Of Psychiatric Nursing, Hildegard Peplau Hildegard Peplau was an influential nursing theorist, who’s also known as the “mother of psychiatric nursing.” Her primary concern was how people relate to one another and through research and science based practice theories, she came to the conclusion that the nurse-patient relationship is the center of nursing. According to Peplau, in order for a trusting relationship to develop there has to be trust between the nurse and the patient as…show more content…
(Penckofer et al., 2011) This study implied that the nurse-patient relationship made a great impact on the patient’s continued participation. At the end, researchers came with the conclusion that establishing trust, and demonstrating a caring attitude are all essential motivators for participant participation. The article, A Philosophical-Ethical Analysis of the work of Hildegard E. Peplau, helped me understand how Peplau came up with the theory of Interpersonal Relations. In the 1930s and 1940’s doctors would not tolerate initiative from nurses. Women, in general, were greatly discriminated and they had to faithfully obey every doctors order. (Gastmans,1998) While Peplau recognized that the nurse fulfills an assisting function with respect to the doctor, she emphasized that we must pay attention to our patients reactions to their illness. This brought up a need for greater independence. Today’s nurses have more autonomy. Even though some may contradict we must remember that today we work under a license, and before we follow a doctors order we must use our judgement and advocate for our patients if we critically think something is not right. This proves that our profession has made a huge advancement. In conclusion, Peplau’s theory has facilitated the nurse-client relationship through education and therapeutic interactions. I would definitely use her Interpersonal theory at work. Her theory promotes and improves communication with patients, which in turn results

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