Hildegard's Theory On Nursing

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Hildegard Peplau’s Theory on Nursing How can a nurse get to know the needs of her patients, if it is not by communication? The best strategy to help someone who is sick is by establishing a good relationship through the communication. According to Potter (2009), Hildergard Peplau was one of the most famous theorists in the history of nursing, who was recognized as “The nurse of the century.” She developed a theory that focused on “the interpersonal relationship between the nurse, the patient and the patient’s family, and developing the nurse-patient relationship (p. 44).” Peplau has had a great impact on nursing since she wrote the first nursing theory after Florence Nightingale 's. The article by Reed (2006) argues that, “Her perspective was psychodynamic and her theoretical writing has influenced almost every area of nursing practice (p. 459).” Peplau’s theory originated a few decades ago, when nursing was still perceived as an occupation and not as a profession. She developed her theory in 1940’s but her book “Interpersonal Relationships in Nursing” was published more than a decade later in 1952. As explained by Reed (2006) before this book was published nurses were considered "doers" for patients and "followers" of physicians ' orders (p. 459). For this reason it was Peplau’s work and teachings that helped projecting nursing from just being an occupation to a profession (Reed, 2006, p. 459). This theory provided a foundation for nurses to understand health from a

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