Hillary Clinton Achievements

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Hillary Clinton
President of the United States, the highest office in our nation. A respected title, a praiseworthy title, an honorable title, but some may ask why anyone would want to be President. For the fame or power? Well, that is how most people think the candidate, Hillary Clinton, thinks of it. Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, and Sanders are the remaining candidates still in the race for the presidency. All candidates have their faults, but Hillary’s biggest fault is how she is campaigning. When people listen to her presidential campaigns, they are not hearing politics or how she is going to improve our country; what they hear, is Hillary attacking her fellow candidates, trying to make them appear weak. Our President should not conduct
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Mrs. Clinton first worked for the Children’s Defense Fund, as their staff attorney, and then helped with the impeachment of President Nixon. She became a law professor in Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was running for Congress. While in Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton married Mr. Clinton, however, she kept her maiden name. When she became governor in 1978, people became skeptical about her, questioning why she would not take his last name, voters thought of her as a “pointy-headed, over-educated” woman. Because of all the negativity, Clinton polished her look and took his surname, then began work at the Rose Law Firm. In 1980, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton had a baby girl they named Chelsea. Many years later, a woman from Arkansas revealed that she and Mr. Clinton had been engaged in an affair that had lasted for quite some time; Mrs. Clinton believed the scandal was a rumor. In defending her unfaithful husband, she mocked stay at home mothers. She was not afraid to speak her mind. She enjoyed talking about politics so much that people said she spoke as if she was running for President, not her husband. Hillary Clinton became the U.S. Senator from New York in 2000 and then ran again in 2006, spending more money on her reelection than anyone else ("Hillary Rodham…show more content…
Both, Obama and Clinton were against same sex marriage until voting commenced; as a result, people considered the sudden change of mind to be a political move. She was interviewed by Terry Gross, who wanted to find out if her ideas had evolved since she last ran in the 90’s. However, Clinton never gave detailed answers, she stated, “We have all evolved,” and became angry when Gross repetitively asked. She complained, stating Terry was,” playing with my words.” She also went on to say how proud of herself she was for what she has done for this issue, however, Mrs. Clinton never quite specified what she did (“Hillary Clinton”). In another interview, Clinton answered questions from various women and indicated she wanted to focus on children and education, however, throughout the interview she spoke about her hair style and a new brand of milk she found. The women also asked her why she desired to be President, yet she did not give an answer (“Hillary Talks”). Clinton believes after having an African American President in office for two consecutive terms, we now want a female President. However, voters call her a clumsy campaigner because of the questions her staff gave the audience before a speaking event in her last Presidential run, hence, some voters believe this could happen again (Malcolm Andrew). Clinton continues to be baffled by how little her voters know about her and that it

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