Hillary Clinton Interview Research Paper

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No! I have two social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, which are both marked private. Only my friends and followers can see my profile. Not because I have anything bad to hide, I just don’t want my social media footprint to be the first impression of me. No matter how hard we try to avoid making first impressions, we do it. I would not want a potential hiring manager to form and opinion of me based on something I post on my social media page. For example, I supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Politics have become a very profound part of our life and have caused great division amongst Americans. It’s is very likely that a hiring manager, who maybe supports Donald Trump, might use the fact that I supported Hillary against me despite my personality and or skills. However, I guess if the hiring…show more content…
If someone showcases his or her self on their social media profile, the employers has the opportunity to see this positivity. One might use Facebook to share volunteer activities, community involvement, club or school activity participations. However, a con to this is that the profile could be managed very careful so it’s not portraying the real person. The person may put all of the positive stuff out there but omit weekend partying and highly charged political or social views. Another pro is quantity; but, the con is lack of quality. While Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, which is a data base dream come true for a recruiter, the quality of the useful information from those profile may not be the best. Facebook tends to hold data pertaining to personal lives versus professional lives. However, LinkedIn is the opposite. The site is based on professional data and contains very little personal data. It is important for recruiters to know what information they are seeking before deciding which social media site to search
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