Hillary Clinton Is A Political Veteran Of The Democratic Party

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Hillary Clinton is a political veteran of the Democratic Party who first had her start in national politics as a First Lady, using her power as a first lady to enact several policies such as the Adoption and Safe Families Act, which created unprecedented protections to foster children. It is no surprise that Hillary has kept herself involve in the political scene by joining the United Nations as an ambassador and most recently as a secretary of state under President Obama for two terms. Today she is taking it step further and has her sights on the White House to continue the works she had during her time as a secretary of state during a time where racial tensions have run feverishly high within the African American community. Her ads have been aimed at quenching the fires that burn the citizens of the United States and bringing order to a society on the verge of chaos. Recently, she has created various ads during her candidacy to show her resolve on these matters. The ad “Stand” attempts to persuade views to vote for Hillary Clinton by appealing obviously to the value of justice and more subtly to the values of hope and unity. A few years ago, a young man by the name of Trayvon Martin was killed after being stalked by a neighborhood watch leader by the name of George Zimmerman for looking “suspicious” meanwhile being unarmed and returning home from a visit to the local convenience store. Trayvon Martins death sparked outrage among the African American community.
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