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Sunday, September 17, 2017. The first story that appeared across the newsfeed was that of our Commander in Chief retweeting a video of himself. This time he was hitting a golf ball, it smacks Hillary Clinton in the back and knocks her down. Perfect. Could there have been more ironic imagery for the novel than this? Picture it, the most powerful man in the world, the one with the nuclear codes, tweeting videos where he is implying to the world that he is knocking down a woman. His competitor, a former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady. The author’s use of personal experiences to highlight the misogyny and abuse experienced in and out of the military and the steps she took or didn’t take to mitigate it made her story compelling.. For example, “My father had my sister by the throat a foot off the ground against the wall in the dining room while my mother screamed he was hurting her and to let her go” (16). As a survivor of domestic violence, this was also a painful book to read and not one that brought a lot of memories and emotions to the surface. The aforementioned passage is all too familiar, however in my experience “My father had my brother by the throat”. MJ vows to never be trapped like that again, and recognizes that the feeling she hates most in the world is fear (16).

Surprisingly she takes her fear and directs
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Her successes were nothing short of groundbreaking! She paved the way for women who will follow in her footsteps, but at what cost? Sexual assault, accompanied with men repeatedly telling her she wasn’t good enough. The way she chose to respond to the sexual assault and barrage of misogyny she was continuously exposed to throughout her military career is not mine to judge. Major Jennings, like many abuse victims put up with it, made excuses for it and found a way to live with it. It is how she survived. Timelines for victims getting out of abusive situations are as varied as the victims
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