Hillary Clinton On Women's Rights

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The speech I choose is about women’s rights is human’s rights. The reason why I chose this speech is because I think in most of countries around the world don’t give women their rights they need. Some women don’t have right to speak when her husband is talking, women don’t have right to talk to another man because her family and relatives be afraid of society, women cannot work because men is one who should work and earn money and a man can never live his life depending on his wife’s salary. There are so many things that women are getting or are still restricted from doing. Even girls are too, they cannot wear short clothes in front of their father, uncle, brother, grandfather and even their friends because society thinks that girl might get raped. Because of these situation, I chose this speech so people in the society might think again when they talk about women’s and girls.…show more content…
The speaker is telling that women should get every right they need and have a right to make their decisions. They also have right to speak up and how to rule their own world. The name of the speaker is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. The speech was delivery for United Nations 4th World Conference for women speech. According to the New York times, after leaving the position of secretary of state in 2013 Hillary Clinton assembled a group of longtime female aides to discuss what she wanted to do as she contemplated another presidential run. She told them about the issue affecting women and girls at the Clinton
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