Hillary Clinton Primaries

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This project is a two and half minutes video campaign supporting Hillary Clinton’s U.S presidential election running. In this project, we discuss the possibility of electing Donald Trump as U.S president, and suggest people to vote another candidate, Hillary Clinton. In this paper we analyze the background of president primaries results, the target market of the campaign, and Hillary Clinton’s competitors. At the end of this paper, we offer four strategies running this campaign. According to our strategies, we draft the treatment, script and storyboards, and shoot the video.
Keywords: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, presidential primaries
For this last project we want to do something smart but also funny. Regarding the earthquake caused by the actual political context which is the campaign for the primaries. Our group decide to take the role of Hillary Clinton’s communication team and create a TV campaign to
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Those students represent the future and we want to make them realize what words Trumps is using. Shooting their reaction when they read some of Trump’s most non-sense sentences will put together our advertising project.
The American presidential election of 2016 will allow to elect the 45th president of the United States who will take office on January 20th, 2017. It will be the 58th American presidential election since 1788.
In her race in the Democratic primary and in the White House, Hillary Clinton benefits from the support of the Afro-American, Hispanic and Asian electorates in New York as somewhere else in the United States. An essential asset, here is
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