Hillary Clinton Sexism

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Serving as First Lady for eight years from 1993 to 2001, senator for eight years from 2001 to 2009, and Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, Hillary Clinton obtained experience at multiple positions making her a valuable candidate for the democratic primary (Hillary Clinton Biography). Even though Clinton has more experience than many other candidates, her past scandals and failures block out the hope for a better future. Hillary Clinton, in each of the three areas she served, accomplished few nominal tasks. Currently, people vote for the party they rigidly support instead of the candidate they think will represent the United States beset. As a result, people only see Hillary Clinton as a candidate that will break history’s pattern of sexism…show more content…
Nearing the end of her career, Hillary lied to the press saying she “landed under sniper fire” in Bosnia in 1996 (Here they are). Hillary needed more attention and political stimulus if she had any hope for being the next president, so she decided to exaggerate on her voyage to Bosnia to gain attention from the media. Also, as senator of New York, Hillary supported Obamacare and many other democratic laws; however, just like her Health Care Reform, they failed. Unlike many other democrats and republicans, Hillary left the senate without a “single piece of landmark legislation to her name” (7 Reasons Hillary). Hillary showed that she can be active as First Lady even though it lacked success, but Hillary failed to accomplish her tasks that she started as…show more content…
Hillary had three chances and struck out each time, so why should the American people give her another chance? Her political incompetence shines through her failures. The American people recognized that Hillary involved herself more than any other First Lady in the past, but they also realized that each time she managed a program, she failed. As senator, Hillary exposed her weakness in finishing tasks, and showed a lack of education in domestic and foreign policy. Ending her political career with Secretary of State, Hillary proved incompetent in negotiating and security. As Commander-in-Chief, Hillary would need to protect the United States, which she failed to do during Benghazi. Also, as Chief Legislator, Hillary would have to sign or veto legislation, which she showed her lack of knowledge in as senator. Finally, as Chief of State, Hillary would represent the symbolic image of a president, which, after all of the scandals she involved herself in, cannot happen (The Roles of the President). Instead of only voting for one party, people need to examine the accomplishments and failures, the wrongdoings, and the beliefs on a candidate before voting, and, apparently, Hillary does not pass the
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