Hillary Clinton Speech Analysis

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Waking up on November 9th 2016, the majority of America was anticipating headlines to read something like “Hillary Clinton to be the first female President,” but instead saw the opposite. When Donald Trump was announced to be the predicted President of the United States, half of the country felt their stomachs drop. It was Hillary Clinton’s job to address the thousands of her supporters and ease their worries. In her speech, through the use of personal narratives, emotional realities, and decisive word choice, Clinton was able to deliver a speech that gave the audience a lasting impression of hope.
The concession speech, given in Manhattan was directed towards the hundreds of campaign workers, colleagues, supporters, family, and friends. From the beginning, her speech was different than most, as she gave her concession speech after Donald Trump gave his Victory speech. And from there, she gave a speech that would shed a light on the results that her supporters were shocked and hurt to see. Her speech had to give hope to those lacking it, and ease minds of her supporters. Doing this, all while experiencing the loss and heartbreak for herself
Being a politician, every word in a speech must be said in a way to make a lasting impression on the crowd, and Clinton did just that. Her strong use of diction gave the nation a feeling of connection that many struggled to find earlier in her campaign. From the beginning of her speech, Clinton’s “we” language established a sense of unity
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