Hillary Clinton Twists The Knife Analysis

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The article, “Hillary Clinton Twists the Knife in Donald Trump’s Tax Proposals”, was written by Amy Chozick and published on Augest 17th, 2016. It was posted on The New York Times. Hillary Clinton propose to overturn Trump’s idea on tax proposal of pass-through exemption.
Trump’s most recent proposal on tax is to cut taxes and give breaks to small businesses and large corporations. His idea allows businesses not to pay income taxes, but the owners are taxed at individual rates on their profits.
Hillary Clinton proposes oppositely. The core of her proposal is not to give any break for small businesses and large corporations on taxes, and she thinks the companies like the families of Trump’s don’t need breaks. According to her plans, all these
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The more visual affect she provides is that by not eliminate the estate tax, Trump’s family would be paying $4 billion tax which could be used to fund 890000 4-year-olds for school and provide 360000 veterans for one year of health care.
Such a proposal does appear to benefit US citizens and societies from the numbers she provides, but further research states otherwise in some ways. According to the “Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model,” her plan would actually reduce the economy’s size by 1% in the long run, and it would lower the wages by 0.8% which leads to 311000 fewer full-time equivalent job opportunities.
I think overall her proposal has more benefits in long run in many aspects. You can’t make a proposal that satisfy everyone, the goal tends to be satisfying the needs of the majorities. In the article, it says “Almost two-thirds, 64 percent, of Americans said they were bothered a lot by the feeling that some corporations are not paying what is fair in federal taxes,” so the proposal satisfy the majorities as a starter. Also, an even more convincing fact is that even though Trump tries
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