Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Biography

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Hillary Rodham Clinton was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in 1947. Hillary was brought up in a time when America was still run by traditional values and women mostly stayed at home and were house wives. However, Hillary Clinton succeeded in being a woman who did not let the traditional values of the people around her stop her from making a change and from an early age, she showed qualities of a leader. Her father, who was general a traditionalist, too believed that Hillary would succeed in all her doings and encouraged her to work hard and not let the fact that she was a female stop her from achieving her goals. Therefore, after attaining her early education, she attended Wellesley College and then also graduated from the Yale School of Law. Thereafter, she got a job as a Congressional legal counsel in Arkansas, and also got married to Bill Clinton. Although, she had done quite a lot even before her marriage, her new life with Bill Clinton and their support for each other opened another chapter in Hillary's success story. Hillary Clinton has always played an active role in politics and it is because of this that she has been leaving a prominent mark in the history of American women and their accomplishments. Her first major task was in Arkansas, in the year 1983, when she was interested in bringing educational reform to the state. At this point in time, Hillary Clinton's husband was serving his second term as Governor and had a significant educational agenda which
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