Hillary Trump Biography

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Donald John Trump was born in June 14th 1946 in Queen New Orleans. His parents were Fredrick C and Mary MacLeod Trump were builders and real estate. He was on of the five children. His parents sent him to New York Military Academy where they hoped he would come out a more disciplined and positive person. From there he went to Fordham university for two years. Trump did not earn a degree from Fordham. He then transferred to Ivy League ( University of Pennsylvania)where he graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Hillary Diane Clinton on October 2, 1947 in Chicago Illinois. Her parents Hugh E. Rodham and Dorothy Howell Rodam . She has two younger brothers Hugh and Anthony. As a kid Hilary took part of the swimming and baseball…show more content…
He knows if tweets something bold he will capture everyone's attention. He really doesn't have to pay money to advertise his campaign, he was twitter. Trump is not afraid to speak his mind even when his ideas are a little out there. He’s not afraid to have a ideas that don’t fit the mold. Hillary is a fighter and does not back down easily in debates. She could be the first female president, what a time to be alive. We were given suffrage less than a hundred years ago, we’ve come a long way but there is still so much more to do. Clinton has built relationships with people in different part of the country. Trump has made very bold statements about immigrants, women and Muslims. Some very sexist and just downright insulting comments during conventions. Trump is very unpredictable, how could this turn out if he was in the White House? Emails. Can she be trusted? Why did she have a private computer service set up outside the official system? Hillary has very often contradicted herself over the years. Saying she didn't believe in something and then later on saying she has been all for it. Hillary hasn’t had a mission statement that makes voters want to be on her side. Trump has “ Make America Great
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