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HISTORY AND PHYSICAL Patient Name: Marilyn Sue Stone Patient ID: 116588 DOB: 01/24 Age: 50 Sex: F Room No.: 181A Date of Admission: 02/07/2012 Admitting Physician: Jessie D. Smith, MD of Orthopedics Admitting Diagnosis: Chronic Hip Pain HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Patient is a candidate for a total right hip revision. She has 2 units of directed packed red blood cells. It is not autologous. She does had Hepatitis B. She has arthrogryposis. She had a right total hip replacement many years ago by Dr. Dodd at the University of Miami. She has had multiple other surgical procedures as follows. A: She had bilateral foot surgery In the remote past. B: She had left hip surgery a year ago. C: She had right foot…show more content…
Postoperative Diagnosis: Same. Operative Procedures: 1. Reversion of total hip replacement, right hip. 2. Allograft bone graft, right hip. Specimen Removed: Prosthesis. IV Fluids: See Anesthesia records. Estimated Blood Loss: 300 mL. Urine Output: Not recorded. Complications: None. PROCEDURE IN DETAIL: The patient was brought into the operating room, after satisfactory anesthesia, was placed in the left lateral dicubitis position. The right hip was prepped and draped. A previous made incision was reopened over the greater trochanter and carried down to Illiotibial (IT) band. The IT band was opened in the direction of the skin incision. The anterior 1/3 of the gluteus medius/minimus group was reflected off the trochanter over to the anterior brim of the pelvis. The hip was dislocated. The femoral component was easily removed. It was loose in the cement. The polyethylene was loose and easily removed. There was a lot of cement in and around the acetabulum. We debridement most of this. There was a wired mesh plug that went medially into the pelvis that was left in place. There was also one in the ishium that was quite stable and it was left in place. There was a large defect in the medial wall of the acetabulum about the size of a silver dollar. (Continued) There did not to appear to be a pelvic disassociation. Due to the shape of the

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