Hills Like White Elephant And Story Of An Hour

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Heart Trouble at the Train Station
Chaeme Vogue
Details are what the world is made of, think of the oceans, composed by tiny drops of water. Never underestimate the power of place and image, even when limited. While both “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, and “Hills like White Elephants”, by Ernest Hemingway have different settings, both effectively use setting to reveal character and acts as a symbol within the story. The stories are of two females, Louis Mallard for Hour, in her two-story house, spring time is here, rain is in the air, and death hangs in the atmosphere. Jig on the other hand from Hills, is in the heat of a foreign country called Spain at a train station with an American, having a little chat about elephants. Dig deeper
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No, the girl is in Spain, a foreign county with a foreign language and foreign drinks. She is lost in this setting. Jig must rely on the American man, her traveling companion to translate the Spanish speaking waitress and depend on him to sort out the drinks. Through the process of ordering drinks male dominance and female submissiveness is observed. The man dominated the conversation, and she indulges him by saying “I don’t know” when asked if she wants her drink with water, allowing him to decide for her. At one point, the girl notices her surroundings in a unique way, inviting ‘bright’ conversation which the man shuts down with facts redirecting the conversation, he is seen as more logical and Jig more emotional. The American further dominates the situation with his pushing for the abortion with his logic “we will be happy “he tells her. Also he uses an indifferent tone and oversimplifies the risky procedure he doesn’t have to go through and knows nothing about. He will say anything to get Jig to do the operation. Despite the American’s persuasion, the girl knows he doesn’t care about her feelings so instead of giving in she asserts herself. Jig gets up and distances herself from the man and the brown dry side of the hills. The girl leaves thinking about her situation away from outside pressure, looking at the other side full of life and colours and thinking about the…show more content…
For Louis it is the start of spring, a new life with rain to cleanse and purify the air and “patches of blue sky,” the gloomy clouds parting with the end of winter, Bentley’s death. Marriage was a cloudy shadow over her happiness but now the horizon of her life is clearing. Jig also has a cloud in her life; the American man is casting a shadow over the field of grain, her baby. The fertile field is along the river bank, her opportunity, and the mountains on the otherwise of that is her pregnancy. However there is also a tree in her way that she looks through to the mountains. This tree is deep rooted misogyny. Dictating what she does with her life. In one sense it is her won internalized misogyny that she must be submissive and please. Here it is much simpler all she must do is step around the tree and enter the light. In the other sense it is the man standing in her way much like with Louise and Bendy standing in the door way. Standing in her
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