Hills Like White Elephants Analysis

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Brandon Faublas
M Cohen
Modern American Literature
Short Story Analysis
Ernest Hemingway, author of the short story “Hills Like White Elephants” wrote the ending of the story in a vague yet intriguing way, leaving the reader with the question of what will happen with the pregnancy. Although the story can indicate one ending or the other, looking at all the details in the correct manner would only lead to one conclusion: that the couple will not keep the pregnancy and will ultimately have an abortion. Jig, the woman, presents herself in a feminine way. She is always looking for the approval of those around her. Also, if she truly wanted to keep her baby, she would have taken better care of herself throughout the story, simply because she is the maker of this new being that is growing. With those in mind, it is difficult seeing her keep the baby.
From the beginning of modern society, it is known that women strive to please men. The woman’s role in society is based on the idea of maternity and nurturement to her family, including her husband. She bases her decisions on what can please her husband. Although this is stereotypical and unfair, this is how women are raised to think. In the text, the woman is constantly seeking satisfaction from her lover, even for the simplest of things. She asks him for his approval over any thought she has and considers his wants over hers. In this excerpt, Jig is asking her lover about a brand of beer, insisting that they try it. When
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