Hills Like White Elephants Analysis

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“Hills Like White Elephants”: The Emotions of Jig In “Hills Like White Elephants”, the story revolves around the lack of communication between a man and a woman named Jig, and their differing opinions on how to deal with the woman’s pregnancy. From the introduction of the story the relationship between the two is strained as they have differing opinions on the operation for Jig. The introduction of the story emphasizes the oppressive setting of the story and the symbolism of alcohol shows how the man and Jig avoid the stressing situation. Throughout the story Jig’s silence signifies the male dominance and gender roles within the story which leads to the ending events. At the end when Jig says she is fine she really isn’t, and assumes that in the long run the relationship will not last so keeps up the pretense that everything is fine.
Throughout the entire story the relationship between the man and the girl is characterized by silence, and outbursts of irritation which increase tension among the two. This tension suggests that the two are desperately trying to avoid talking about the unnamed “white elephant” between the two. As the man is forcing his ideas upon Jig about the operation claiming it’s “simple”. “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig,” the man said. “It’s not really an operation at all.” (Hemingway 124). This insistence shows how the man really isn’t considering Jigs feelings. The man sees the operation to return things to “normal”. However, Jig’s
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