Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway

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Another relationship coming to an end… Throughout the story “Hills Like White Elephants” written in 1927 by Ernest Hemingway, he used the train station setting, the desired operation, and obviously the relationship between the American and the girl to symbolize a crumbling relationship and unwanted gift between them. The American and the girl find themselves wound up in a rough, unplanned situation that they are trying to fix. Many bread crumbs are dropped throughout the story to symbolize a collapsing relationship and a much wanted operation. Early on, the girl is debating the whole situation of the operation in her head when she “was looking off at the line of hills” (475). On the same page, she states “They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry” (475). She happens to be looking off into the brown, dry, barren side when thinking about how the situation is going to end up. Nothing about the dry hills is positive just like their relationship. In general, conflict arises between when glancing at this parched and shriveled side. As she told the American, “They look like white elephants,” he replies “I’ve never seen one.” She then replies with attitude. “No, you wouldn’t have,” he then continues to feed into this pity. “I might have. Just because you say I wouldn’t have doesn’t prove anything.” This short argument found on page 475 hints onto the presence that the ‘dry and brown hills’ have in this relationship. In comparison to the barren side with no way to
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