Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway

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Megan Skolmen 13 February Hills like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway First Published August 1927 I read a short story called Hills like White Elephants, by Ernest Hemmingway. This story presents to the readers a conversation between a young man and women who are located at a station, drinking beer, arguing whilst waiting for a train to take them to Madrin - the town in which we learn the girl is said to be having an operation. Overall, this text was one which I quite enjoyed. Although upon reading it the first time, the plot and motifs were somewhat lost on me, further speculation determined me taking a great liking to the story. Because Hemmingway never really mentions what exactly he is addressing, it a conception that can be overlooked. After a few reads I came to knowing that the young girl in the story is headed to Madrin to have an abortion she is not entirely convinced she wants. Through the narrative of the story I felt a lot of conflicting emotions, I felt an immense pity for the girl and great anger for the young man. It was deciphered that the man, although only through suggestion, really wants the girl to have the abortion, this being through the way he continually reiterates that it is "perfectly simple". We also see the girl, who seems very conflicted with this decision. It is evident that the young couple are discussing an abortion, this being absolutely illegal, immoral and dangerous at the time, therefore discussing it out loud would be outstandingly
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