Hills Like White Elephants Lessons

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“Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway is a short story every student studying English Composition should read. The narrative explores the difficult topic of abortion which college students should read about. Not only did the story explore the couple's dynamic it also delved into the feelings each partner had about the pregnancy. In “On Reading Fiction”, the author explains that readers enjoy fiction for three reasons, because it is an escape from reality, a possible answer to problems in their lives, and allows the reader the comfort of knowing that others are facing the same problems and feeling the same emotions as them. The author states, “we like it because fiction, as an image of life, stimulates and gratifies our interest…show more content…
These deeper meanings in the narrative not only further engage the reader but gives them a sense of having more knowledge after reading. As previously mentioned, “Hills Like White Elephants” should be included on the syllabus for all college students. The narrative gave insight to being in a relationship and sharing the emotions, communication, and decision that come along with it. The author also used symbols throughout his writing, which gave the reader a feeling of walking away from reading the story with more knowledge than before; which is one of the goals of reading. Above all reading fiction is about allowing the reader to feel that he or she is not alone in the experiences they are having in their lives. Hemingway did an excellent job at letting the reader really experience the way his characters were feeling, hopefully granting the reader in the direction of solutions to their own problems. Furthermore, reading about issues such as abortion gives a student a better understanding of difficulties in life and how to deal with them. It is far better to experience complicated situations such as abortion while reading then being tossed into the deep end in your own life. Lastly, fiction is believed to be an image of life, “Hills Like White Elephants” gives students insight into all aspects in which fiction should and is a quintessential
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