Hills Like White Elephants Literary Criticism

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Ernest Hemingway, American novelist, had a strong influence on twentieth-century fiction. He pursued a very economical and understated style when constructing most of his work. Hemingway had a way of manipulating the moral of the story, which was strongly depicted in his short story “Hills Like White Elephants”, where the well-developed plot is very subtle on what the actual story is about. The topic of this short story can be argued that it is about women and men discussing their thoughts and emotions on a future abortion, or just a couple conversing about something that could hinder their relationship. Merited by some of the phrases and conversation in the short story it is anticipated that the characters are discussing abortion. Abortion is a matter that has experienced much controversy for plenty of time. Through psychological criticism it is evident that in Hills Like White Elephants, Hemingway is using modernism to employ symbolism and tone to argue that the emotions and events that follow abortions have not altered much.
It is observed through the psychological criticism that the development of the characters is established early in the story. In addition, the decision of the woman character, getting an abortion, is also
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In the beginning, Jig is taking in the scenery and enjoying the view around her, she then proceeds to testify how the land around them is so beautiful and fertile. This is symbolic to herself, implying that she is fertile and she believes it is a wonderful thing; although, she then contradicts her statement by mentioning the hills, which could represent her pregnant stomach, resemble white elephants. This is a very critical symbol displaying her second thoughts of having the baby, as white elephants are generally something that people wish to avoid, thus implying she does not desire to have a
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