Hillsborough's Gossip Girl

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In this past year, Hillsborough female teens have begun to watch the television series, “Gossip Girl” because of the show’s fun and unbelievable nature. Most teenage females are attracted to “Gossip Girl” due to the fantastical element. Many girls yearn to live in the Upper East Side like the fortunate main characters Serena, Dan, Blair, Nate, and Chuck. However, they dread living in the shadow of the mysterious blogger among the characters named Gossip Girl. “It’s equivalent to the girls watching, foreseeing, and hoping that their lives could be similar to the characters when they go through high school,” Morgan Krempasky stated. Not only is “Gossip Girl” admired for it’s charismatic characters, girls also enjoy the series for incorporating…show more content…
Girls are pleased to watch the show to get a feel for the privileges of being rich and wearing Prada or Gucci on a daily basis. The characters’ fights leave viewers’ ears ringing from the screaming and shouting. Luxurious foods made by servants waft through noses, and viewers drool when they witness the specialty drinks prepared. Television series’ similar to “Gossip Girl” have been released in previous years like “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Dawson’s Creek.” However, “Gossip Girl” is different from them with it’s terrorizing and mysterious blogger who antagonizes each character. “Gossip Girl” aired in 2007, and shows such as “Revenge,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and “Pretty Little Liars” were released later on. This exemplifies how these types of shows evolve into different versions to continue attracting the same viewers. Alyssa Goldstein proclaimed, “The characters cannot live in fear of Gossip Girl. They have to stop cowering in the corner and decipher the case of the rumor-spreading
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