Hilly Holbrook Interview Questions

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Interviewer: Tell us about The Home Health Sanitation Initiative.
Hilly Holbrook: I am particularly passionate about The Home Health Sanitation Initiative; an initiative I have enforced to encourage separate toilets for our maids. The initiative is not meant to be interpreted as offensive. It allows us to receive what we need, and it also meets their needs, it is “separate, but equal”.
Interviewer: Do you really believe segregation creates a fair atmosphere for both black and white people?
I believe that our races are both culturally and morally different, and we should be treated as such. If we were to integrate our communities, many issues would arise as a result of our differences. Evidence validates that Negroes are indolent, and do not
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I bet the whole thing is made up by some Negra.” No stories even remotely relate to my household, it’s probably based on some wild country town, far, far away from Jackson. I don’t understand why it has become so popular. If you ask me, it’s all for the gossip. Some people have too much time on their hands.
Interviewer: In the event that segregation was to end, how would it impact you and your family?
Hilly Holbrook: Well, as I implied previously, I don’t think it is really a possibility. My confidence remains entirely with the South.
Interviewer: Ok, but imagine the worst case scenario and segregation did happen to end, what would you do then?
Hilly Holbrook: Well if I was to imagine the happening of this catastrophe, I doubt it would really affect us. Our family has a strong foundation, so I assume it would still be affordable to receive our needed help. I don’t use public transportation or other public services, so I’m not particularly worried about sharing the same bus or bathroom, as our family has other alternatives. I would be willing to get a tutor for my children, as I don’t think mixed education would meet my standards. I highly doubt that we will integrate, but it wouldn’t really affect us anyway.
Interviewer: Thank you for your time today, I wish you all the best with your initiative and for the
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