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Hilti: Business Analysis Paper Business Description Hilti Group offers products, systems and services to construction professionals worldwide. Hilti has production facilities and rental and distribution centers in more than 120 countries. They are also involved in partnerships involving international technology. (Hilti - Company portrait. n.d.) They are a family owned company and were founded in 1941 by Eugene and Martin Hilti. The headquarters is located in Schaan, a principality of Liechtenstein. Since it is a family owned company all the shares are held by the Martin Hilti Family Trust. This helps their long-term continuity and development of the company long into the future. (Hilti - Company portrait. n.d.) Hilti has 22,000 worldwide employees working in sales and service centers directly with customers. This direct customer relationship gives them the highest quality standards. They have more than 200,000 daily interactions with customers, receiving customer feedback on their products giving them real time solutions for the ongoing development of new products and services. (Hilti - Company portrait. n.d.) Their company strategy is aimed at value created through market leadership and offering products that are different than their competitors. Their goal is to create more customers on a daily basis and to build a better future. They are open and honesty with team members, partners and suppliers. They associate their financial success directly with their social

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