Hilton And Hilton Hotel History Essay

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Hilton Hotel History: In 1919, a thirty-one-year-old banker by the name of Conrad Hilton traveled to Cisco, Texas to franchise his bank. When he arrived, he went to the Mobley Hotel only to find it was completely sold out. The owner felt awful and began to explain how he wanted to just retire, and that is where it all began. Conrad Hilton purchased the hotel and changed the name to ?The Hilton?. Hilton was growing his revenue through the roof and eight years later, Hilton decided it was time to franchise his hotel business. He then opened a second hotel in Waco Texas, it was one of the most elite hotels in the state where he offered small condiment products in all the guest rooms, this grew interest from his high-end guests. Conrad Hilton and Hilton hotels became well recognized, so throughout the thirties he continued to grow his business throughout the country where his business came from high class bankers and owners who had not been hurt during the great depression. In 1947, Hilton would revolutionize hotels forever, he had the idea of installing personal televisions in all guest rooms at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. This attracted tons of guests including famous movie stars and jazz players of the generation. Hilton hotels also became known for their reservation systems as they became the first company in the business to offer multi - hotel reservations in 1948. Businessmen at the time became to love Hilton hotels for this service, so
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