Hilton Hotel Case Study

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This present case study is aimed at analysing two terms that often go hand in hand, leadership and management, also find out different styles of leadership and management within the organisation Hilton Hotels Corporation and finally proceed to explain the effect of those styles on employees/staff.


Hilton Hotel Corporation is based in the hospitality sector expanded all over the world with 4000 hotels in 91 different countries (Cleverism, 2017). Conrad Hilton was the artifice and the father of this great franchise around the world, he bought the first hotel in Texas in 1919 named Mobley, improved the hotel facilities and added new services for customers having great success. After one year, Conrad Hilton acquired the second hotel and a few more the same year. His financial success led him to build his own hotel in 1925 and name it as Dallas Hilton Hotel. This was the first hotel with his name. In 1954, Conrad Hilton purchased a hotel company, his biggest rival in the hospitality market. However, in 2007 a group called Blackstone bought the Hilton Hotels Corporation and are still the owner to this day (Astrum People, 2017).

Describing what leadership and
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