Hilton Hotel Case Study

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The hotel units (mainly those operating in the luxury segment) believe that the sustainability of their activity involves a balance between the economic benefits, and the social and environmental responsibilities inherented to their actions.
The global objectives of these hotels are creating long-term value for the company by developing its activities in a balanced way and reconciling the interests of individuals, nature, and society.

The Hilton chain is currently the second largest hotel chain and the pioneer in global hospitality. It is embedded in a highly competitive market, where preparation is the key. As such, the training of employees, involvement with the environment, satisfaction and customer relationship are values prioritised by the brand. For Hilton, the relationship with their customers, is the key to success; values that Conrad Hilton has instituted in the brand since the first hotel was inaugurated. This continued leadership is a consequence of the fidelity to the vision, mission and values instituted in this hotel chain, in order to continue being the most hospitable organization in the world.

Our Planet is currently undergoing intense social, cultural, economic, and especially environmental changes. In the middle of this process, tourism stands out because it is an activity that generates considerable development factors. That is why hotel chains are reducing waste, water consumption and investing in energy efficiency technologies .

In addition to the responsible business practices of Hilton, the corporation also ensures that their suppliers are aligned with their core sustainable development practices. Keeping in mind the development of programs and initiatives that support their commercial target, the hotel chain is keen on managing the social and environmental impact of their operations. The achievement of such goals and targets have lead to certain measures being taken such as: developing cross functional advisory groups, ensuring their business is conducted with diverse suppliers, involvement of local sourcing, and welfare of animals and their rights. In addition, the company also takes into account the extension of their supply chain globally, as well as working with
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