Hilton Worldwide's Success Since The Time It

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Hilton Worldwide has had success since the time it was established. Conrad N. Hilton has made a tremendous impact on this hotel industry company. He even appeared on the Time’s Magazine, which is the first hotelier to receive this type of recognition. As of the year 2015, Hilton Worldwide has grown to consist of 4,300 hotels in 94 countries and territories and is continuing to grow even more (“About Us,” n.d.).
The Hilton is considered one of the most respected brands in the world (“History and Heritage,” n.d.). The founder, Conrad N. Hilton, established the first Hilton in 1925 in hopes to pursue his vision of filling the earth with light and warmth of hospitality. (“Vision, Mission, and Values,” n.d.). In 1943, Hilton became the first
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Hilton Worldwide continues to look for improvement with addition to this number, with possible hotels to be established in the future. Because Hilton Worldwide is constantly expanding, they are also expanding their travel professional team (“Global/Corporate News,” n.d.). Aimed for stay-at-home parents, retired people, and even college students, this position will allow these ideal people to work from their home (“Global/Corporate News,” n.d.). The beginning of televisions in hotel rooms to these job positions, Hilton Worldwide proves their recognition as one of the most respected brands in this industry. In association with that statement, the DoubleTree by Hilton, for instance, has recently teamed up with google to create a YouTube channel to allow travelers to plan and share their trip (“Trejos,” 2013). This is just another prime example of how the Hilton expands and improves, this time with technological advances in modern times.
In March of 2015, Brandon Potter and JB Snyder discovered the ability to hijack any account with the knowing of the account number for Hilton Honors (“Krebs,” 2015). With this, hijackers were able to access the account to possibly reset passwords, view travel dates, or even alter the Hilton Honors reward points system (“Krebs,” 2015). Once the Hilton Company figured out this security flaw, they immediately asked all Hilton Honor account participants to change their passwords, rewarding them with one
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