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Running Head: IT Health IT Use HIMSS Davies Award Winners Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) announces Davies Award each year in three categories made up of organizational, ambulatory and community health organization. HIMSS gives this award for the excellent use of electronic health record (EHR) software and other health information technology (HIT) for improving patient care, quality and safety as well as improving outcomes in terms of cost savings (HIMSS, 2012). The main objectives of Davis award include promoting the use of EHRs, understanding the value of HER and raising visibility of EHRs through sharing successful implementations. Dr. Jeremy Bradley…show more content…
Coastal achieves higher rate of return through cost savings, improvement in clinical satisfaction and screening/documentation of patients and raise in revenues. Total expenses of EHR were $5.8 million, while Coastal earned $17.8 million as revenue after the investment that shows excellent use of IT by the company in health care operations (HIMSS, 2012). The increased payments and performance bonuses from multiple insurers also contributed significantly in higher returns. Additionally, Coastal also meets higher quality in its medical care by involving wide range of their clinics, staff, administrative personal, operational processes and top management in EHR implementation process that is similar to learning of the course. Along with this, it also achieves increased staff satisfaction and improvement in patient outcomes through making investments in staff’s training as well as hardware and software. At the same time, Coastal also meets goals for medical care of diabetes, cholesterol, depression screening and blood pressure control because of fast and effective communication mechanism between clinical staff (eClinicalWorks, 2012). From the assessment, it is observed that their experience in terms of benefits from EHR implementation and learning from the course are quite similar due to higher returns on investments, improved patient communication and increase in patient revenue and cost savings, reduction in medical errors

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