Hindi Film And Masculinity : The Term Bollywood

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Hindi Film and Masculinity
The term Bollywood is relatively new title that congregates various types of films that stem from all around India and sadly get put into one single category, often times the films being underestimated by U.S. pop culture. The films’ subject matter and themes have continued to evolve, as does the country of India, and the change is all seen reflecting from the films social and political themes and concerns. When the industry began the films plots spanned from all across the map, in order to compensate for language differences almost key terms were created which would set the staple for the themes and motives. These phrases or words were about lust and love, revenge or justice for wrong doings, good and bad as well as killing. With these themes people all across the nation were united, one way or another people related to the films that were being viewed. It was at this point and time that Hindi cinema became a voice for those who could not be heard in politics, but actions would be glorified or exaggerated to appease all status of the caste system. Throughout pivotal moments in history, new themes would be expressed throughout film.
Different cultures have different concepts of masculinity. If one were to compare American films tropes and Hindi ones there would be some vast differences. For instance, the American action heroes tend to treat the damsel as an item, while in Hindi films the character…
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