Hindu Goddess : A Religious Connecter For Hindu Women

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The Hindu Goddess: A Religious Connecter for Hindu Women

The concept of the Hindu Goddess has maintained scholar’s curiosity for many years. As the Hindu Goddess is able to take many forms she also gains a variety of interchangeable representations. The Hindu Goddess is worshiped all across the world as she has developed a kind of feminist representation that many women are looking for in Religion today. This essay is going to focus on the concept of the Hindu Goddess and the variety of meaningful attributes she has in Hinduism, as well as the Important relationship and connectedness between the Hindu Goddess and the Hindu woman. What connects the Hindu Woman and the Hindu Goddess includes the connection of the female body, the importance of the Hindu Goddess as a powerful symbol to woman, and the importance of the female and male relationship.
Beginning with a general background of the Hindu Goddess, most of the facts can come from the Encyclopedia of Religion. The Hindu Goddess came of interest in Western cultures as of the 1970s due to the fact that the United States was able to fund Southeastern research (McDermott 2005, 3607). Author Rachel McDermott points out that the interest in the Goddess also peaked from “[The] stress on women 's experience and feminist perspectives; and the move from a reliance on texts and elite viewpoints to an emphasis on local, oral, village contexts where goddesses tend to thrive” (McDermott 2005, 3907). When finding research, McDermott

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